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Is it Better to Play Axe Throwing Than to Party?

Axe Throwing
Axe Throwing

Is your birthday coming up soon? Planning to make it special but tired of the same old club scene? Craving an adventure that's anything but ordinary? 

If so, then you have come to the right place; today, we will explain how you can have a different experience by playing the Axe Throwing Game.

Wondering how Axe Throwing can make your special day even more exciting?

Continue reading to know.

Why is Axe Throwing Popular?

In a time where most people like Netflix-binge routine. If you are someone who likes to have adventures, why not go into town for a night of axe throwing?

Axe throwing involves players hurling axes at a wooden target with the intention of hitting a bullseye or specific scoring zones.  Although the idea may appear straightforward, mastering the throw calls for a surprising level of talent and expertise.  Sticking the landing (or, perhaps more accurately, sticking the axe!) is an incredibly satisfying experience because it gives you a sense of success.

Reasons to Book Axe Throwing Game

Axe throwing isn't your grandpa's backyard game anymore. It's a thrilling and surprisingly social activity that's gaining serious traction. But why should you ditch the usual bar night and book an axe-throwing session instead? Here's why:

Axe-called Fun for Everyone:

Forget the limitations of bowling or darts. Axe throwing offers a level playing field. It's a great activity for mixed-ability groups, with everyone getting a chance to unleash their inner lumberjack (safely, of course!).

Ease Stress:

Are you feeling overburdened by your everyday tasks? To let out steam, there's nothing quite like hurling an axe at a target. The satisfying clunk of a well-aimed throw is a certain way to unwind.

From Chucker to Champion: 

As you master the throw, that bullseye feeling is incredibly rewarding. There's a real sense of accomplishment in sticking to the landing and becoming the champion of your group (or maybe just conquering your own personal best).

Sharpen Your Skills, Not Your Pencils: 

Axe throwing isn't just mindless fun (though it can definitely be that, too!). Learning a new skill like proper throwing technique adds a layer of satisfaction and accomplishment to the experience.

Is Axe Throwing Easy or Tough?

Throwing an axe may seem daunting at first, but it's surprisingly easy. Whether you choose to use one hand or two, the technique remains simple: you throw the axe, and it rotates once in the air before striking the target. The target itself is sizable, allowing for ample room to find your rhythm and aim.

Now that you have a grasp of the basics of axe throwing let's delve into the rules of the game. Understanding these rules will help you play with precision and finesse, allowing you to become a master in no time.

Rules of Axe Throwing

  • In axe throwing, each concentric ring on the board carries a specific score, with the highest points awarded for hitting the centre ring. 

  • Players are required to throw the axe from behind a designated throwing line, typically positioned approximately 12 feet away from the target board. This distance ensures that the axe completes just one rotation during its trajectory.

  • During a contest, participants receive a set number of throws, typically around 10 throws per match, akin to games such as darts or bowling. The total scores from all throws are tallied to determine the winner.

  • Furthermore, there are usually two blue circles on the board, each offering maximum points when hit. These circles, known as 'kill shots,' come into play during tiebreakers or sudden death scenarios.

  • In instances where the axe lands in two rings, different rules may apply: either the ring with the highest points is counted or the ring that covers the largest part of the axe.

  • It's important to ensure that the axe remains embedded in the target board after impact for points to be awarded. If the axe falls off the target after hitting it, no points are scored for that throw.

Summary: This birthday, ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with a thrilling game of axe throwing. It's guaranteed to be a birthday bash your friends will be talking about for years to come! Book your axe throwing adventure now with Lumberjaxe. 

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