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What makes Lumberjaxe different from any other axe-throwing venue?

All our axes are actual throwing axes, not blunt, chipped hardware store axes from out of the specials bin.!! 

This means that you are getting axes designed & balanced for no other purpose than being thrown!!


All our axes are sharpened and maintained regularly to give you the best experience we can deliver.

Axe Throwing is a safe and exciting sport, whether you’re a pro-competition axe thrower or it’s your first time holding an axe.

We’ll show you and your crew exactly how to have a great time!

Our sessions are for 90 minutes, but before hurling an axe downrange we’ll cover the safety requirements and a few rules to follow, then we’ll teach you how to throw some axes!

we'll have you getting your axe into the target correctly and hopefully accurately in no time at all.

We have plenty of different games to play or if you're the competitive type simply keep score for bragging rights!


We are really excited to announce that Lumberjaxe is now on the road with our brand new, mobile, double lane trailer!
If you're looking for a unique & exciting activity for your next corporate event, birthday party or just for the hell of it enquiry below.



All sessions are 90 minutes and are available to 12yrs +

Lumberjaxe standard sessions are $45 per person for 90 minutes.

Every session includes a safety briefing and axe throwing demonstration. 

We'll also give you some axe throwing tips to get you on target a bit quicker!!

when we are happy you can safely handle an axe you'll be set lose to chuck some axes downrange!


Part of the conditions of entry to Lumberjaxe is the mandatory wearing of enclosed shoes.

This rule has been put in place for YOUR safety and the wellbeing of your feet!!!

All participants & spectators are required to wear enclosed shoes at all times.

All participants are required to be a minimum age of 12 years old.

participants 12-17 years are required to have a responsible adult sign their waiver on their behalf. 

Our Hours

 Thursday: 1:30pm - 7pm 

Friday & Saturday: 12pm - 9pm

Sunday: 12pm- 4:30pm



Take a moment to stop and think; now, picture axe throwing and what do you see? Grizzled mountain men and lumberjacks hurling deadly weapons around in the forests? Or maybe a dangerous and radical fringe sport practiced by social outcasts in darkened areas away from the mainstream population?

Well, if you envisaged either of these scenarios, you would be completely wrong!

Around the world, axe throwing is a rapidly growing sport with clubs in almost every continent. And in Australia, things are no different with axe throwing being regarded as a pastime for all, and gaining a strong local foothold, no more so than In Adelaide where Lumberjaxe, the city’s premier axe throwing venue has opened its doors to people from all walks of life, and has recently been approved for children over 12 years old to participate (under the supervision of a guardian, of course).

So, what is axe throwing? It’s simply a sport, that develops strength, balance and coordination, where axes are thrown at a target, similar to an archery target, to score points. At Lumberjaxe this is done perfectly safely, with targets in designated and protected lanes, and only after new participants receive a full safety briefing. And as with many sports, this can be undertaken as a solo thrower, in pairs or small groups – and is even suitable for large groups or parties undertaking group bonding sessions or similar.

Are you interested in becoming involved in a new sport or pastime that is rapidly gaining momentum throughout the country, where beginners and experts can participate together? If so, then axe throwing in South Australia may be what you are looking for!

At Lumberjax, located in Adelaide, you can come and take part in axe throwing with us, whether you want to come alone or as part of a group, you will be welcomed into the community. Despite some people’s reservations, axe and knife throwing in our Adelaide base is safe – even for those who have never taken part before. A quick safety briefing and a check to ensure you are wearing appropriate footwear and you are set to start throwing – and having fun.

Situated in the suburb of Lonsdale, Lumberjaxe is the premier venue for knife and axe throwing in Adelaide and is open for individuals or groups to book for fun sessions or for some of the best competitive axe throwing in Adelaide. From absolute novices to serious highly skilled competitors are all welcome!

Axe throwing at our location in South Australia is fun – and extremely safe. For beginners some training and will be provided to get you on your way, and with only top-quality axes, manufactured solely for throwing, you will be making progress in no time at all!

As a rapidly growing sport, axe throwing is becoming an increasingly popular option when fun team building ideas and activities are being sought in Adelaide and corporate bookings are a sure-fire way to encourage your team to grow together whilst having plenty of laughs along the way.

However, if you are looking to raise your spirits in a completely different manner, why not take advantage of our rage room and smash room here in Adelaide, where you can let off steam at the expense of old electrical equipment which you can smash to smithereens in a controlled and safe environment.

Lumberjaxe is more than Adelaide’s top axe throwing centre; with axe and knife throwing prices in Adelaide and SA that are more than competitive - and the chance for the best team bonding activities in Adelaide, what are you waiting for?

And for those times when you feel the need to let off a little steam, but in a controlled environment, why not try our rage room in Adelaide. The opportunity to smash, bash and destroy all manner of articles can be as therapeutic as it can be fun!

Our axe throwing and smash room prices offer the best value in Adelaide, contact us today to book your fun-filled session.

If you like the idea of testing your axe throwing prowess, even as a complete novice, it’s simple to book a session with us. Sessions last 90 minutes and where necessary include instruction on safety and appropriate footwear. We offer axe throwing in Adelaide at great prices, and sessions booked for groups of over 10, do attract a generous discount, and it’s possible to book multiple lanes if required. Come and join the rapidly growing band of axe throwers here in Adelaide.

Look out for the introduction of rage and smash rooms coming soon to Adelaide!


6 Bredbo Street


SA 5160

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