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How Can You Become a Pro At The Axe Throwing Game?

Axe throwing can be an exhilarating experience where you get to show your strength and skills. A game where you have to do it all, whether it is focusing on the target or throwing the axe with all your might.

However, for beginners, axe throwing might seem a little challenging. Some may even find it unsafe, but in reality, this game provides you a safe space to bond with your near and dear ones with full safety.

There are experts to guide you through the whole process while ensuring that you practice axe throwing safely. So you can book your game without any worry. But before actually going to the spot, you might need to keep some tips and tricks up your sleeve.

Want to know how you can better hold on to this game?

Then, keep on reading further to discover the secrets.

Axe Throwing Tips To Level Up Your Game

Safety first 

Before you start with your Axe Throwing Game, it is crucial for you to ensure your safety. The first step towards being safe is to avoid wearing flowy clothes, which can become an obstacle during your game. Finally, make sure that you throw the axe under expert supervision. Following safety precautions will help you to focus on the game without getting yourself injured.

Ideal positioning 

When it comes to finding your stance, stability is the key. Stand firmly to the ground with feet shoulder-width apart. Make sure to maintain a distance of at least 12 feet from the target. But this is not a fixed rule. You can experiment with different distances to see which one is favourable for you. You can bend your knees a little when you aim to lift and throw the axe.

Move the whole body, not just hands 

Axe throwing is an adventure game that doesn’t just require the strength of your hands. Your body needs to be in the right rhythm when you swing and throw the axe. Use your shoulders and legs, too, when you throw the axe. With your whole body’s effort, you will surely hit the bullseye.

Eyes on the target 

Pick the area where you want to throw the axe. Usually, one would pick the centre bullseye but as a beginner, you can pick areas nearby to it. Avoid moving your eyes away from the target even when you are throwing the axe in full swing motion. 

Take a deep breath 

Before throwing the axe do not forget to take a deep breath. Inhaling and exhaling can help you to regain your focus along with keeping you calm during the situation.

Consistent practice 

Practising axe throwing on a regular basis will transform you from a beginner to a pro. With each aim hit, you will get better and better. Remember that to master a skill, you need time and patience, so don’t worry if, initially, you are not able to perform exceptionally.

 Enjoy the game 

While perfecting your skills, you should not forget to live and enjoy the moment. Also, when you are enjoying the process, then you have a better chance of succeeding. So, use the Axe throwing game to create a lot of memories with your loved ones.

We have seen some easy tips that you can implement to become a winner in this game. One more thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to axe throwing is whether you want to throw it with one hand or both hands.

Usually, for beginners, using both hands is ideal, while the pros can try out axe throwing with one hand.

Let us see the techniques for throwing an axe with one hand and both hands.

Axe Throwing With Both Hands

Get a grip on the axe with both hands and bring it to the back of your head and between your shoulders. Then move the axe forward with your hands and by stepping with one foot forward. Then, release the axe towards the target. Make sure that you pull your hands back even when you have let go of the axe. 

Axe Throwing With Single Hand

Bring the axe past your ear without tilting left to right. Imagine throwing an axe like a dart. The axe should be a little near the shoulder and then just lower the handle and then release the axe in an upward motion.



By following the above-mentioned tips, you can become a master at axe throwing. If you are ready to experience the thrill and excitement of axe and Knife Throwing, then consider Lumberjaxe. Here, we provide an environment where you can put your strength to the test with your family and friends. So contact us for more information. 

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